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Social media is a brand awareness and brand building tool for any business.

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Social Media Terms & Definitions


Your audience on social media is the group of people you’re able to reach with your content. This includes all your followers plus anyone who sees or interacts with your posts in their feed. Growing your social media audience is one of the best ways to spread brand awareness.

Boosted post

A boosted post is a Facebook post that you pay for to increase its reach. Also known as promoted posts, boosted posts differ from Facebook ads in that they start out as organic posts and then get additional paid reach based on your spend. Also, you can launch them directly from your Facebook Page without using Ads Manager. Like Facebook ads, though, boosted posts allow you to target a specific audience and set an exact boost duration and budget.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness is the level of familiarity consumers have with your brand. It’s often considered one of the main goals of social media marketing. It’s also one of the objectives you can select for your Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns in Ad’s Manager. Brand awareness can be measured through impressions or reach, or more accurately through ad recall lift (an estimation of how many users would remember your brand after seeing the ad).


In social media marketing, geotargeting is the technique of adjusting your ad content based on the location of a user. In Facebook ads manager, users can be included or excluded from a target audience based on their region, country, state, city, postal code, or address. This means advertisers can create and target ad sets to appeal to users in a certain geographic location.

Social customer service

Social customer service (or social customer care) is customer service via social media. This may include answering customer inquiries, handling complaints, and offering support. It is now estimated that 67% of consumers use social networks to seek assistance from brands.

Social listening

Social listening is how social media managers track conversations around key topics, terms, brands and more, often with a specialized software tool. Social listening software gathers mentions, comments, hashtags, and relevant posts from across social media to provide insights on what users are talking about and how. Brands often use these insights to tap into key trends and see what people are saying about them and their competitors.

Social media monitoring

Social media monitoring is often confused with social listening, but there are some important differences between the two. Social listening involves actively setting up projects to seek out conversations on specific topics and gathering data on them. Social media monitoring, on the other hand, is the more passive technique of keeping an eye on your mentions and following what your audience is saying.

Social media ROI

Social media ROI, or return on investment, is a measurement of how much revenue your activities on social media are generating for your company versus how much you are spending on them. Because many brands’ social media objectives are more about generating brand awareness than leads or sales, social media ROI is notoriously difficult to estimate. In abstract, this is the formula to calculate it:

Social selling

Social selling, put simply, is using social media to make sales. Often, this takes place when sales people interact with potential customers on social, establishing a relationship they can leverage for a future sale. This could be done by answering prospects’ questions, sharing company content, or mentioning their brand in a post comment.


Targeting is a social media advertising term that refers to how you select the potential audience for your ads. Most social advertising platforms allow you to select which users should see your ads based on age, location, gender, interests, and a variety of other factors. Targeting options are one of the most important aspects in creating effective ads on social media.

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