Innova Tax Consulting

Get the “Refund” you deserve ......

We strive to provide excellent Tax Services and quick & efficient SARS refunds!
I am a registered tax practitioner with 22 years of tax experience and a member of SAIT (South African Institute of Tax Professionals). I also provide services all over South Africa.
We at Innova Tax Consulting offer effective and efficient audit and assessment of returns on VAT, PAYE and Income Tax of large and small companies, individuals, and trusts.
We Plan and conduct complex audits on large Corporates with the purpose of ensuring compliance with the various acts administered by SARS and to maximize revenue collection.
We collect audit evidence by interviewing personnel, analyzing documents and data prepared by the taxpayer, analyzing financial statements, documenting observations and conclusions, completing audit working papers, liaising with taxpayers, issuing assessments, and preparing audit reports.
We will assist in enabling and assisting with the collection of the correct amount of tax timeously and cost-effectively!
* Qualifications are Honors in Tax and a Higher Diploma in Taxation, so you are in good hands! *
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