Company History:

Where it all began?
The Company was established in 2004 and soon rooted itself as a leading importer and distributor of Augen & Hilook Security Equipment. We moved to our current premises in 2006. In 2009 the Company was acquired by its current owner Mr. A.J Russell.

Illuder imports and distributes leading security equipment to businesses that resell and/or install said equipment. Illuder supports its customers by offering after-sales services which include repairs (under warranty or out of warranty). Illuder also offers swop out items to keep the site running.


Q What is Illuder's Vision Statement?

Illuder believes in the people's right to safety, and the right to preserve safety together.
It is our right to be safe, it is our right to fight for safety. It is our right to stand together for safety.

"It seems impossible until it's done" - Nelson Mandela

Q What is Illuder's Statement Mission?

Our Mission:

Illuder is a leading importer, able to source products locally and internationally to meet its customer's needs.

Continually innovating and collaborating with manufacturers to provide its customers with the latest and leading security equipment.

Illuder's main mission is to continue to provide industry-leading service and equipment and help preserve the safety of our Nation.

Q What's Illuder's Values?

We stand for:

Illuder conducts business with honesty and integrity, with desire to build mutual trust between itself and its valued customers.

Illuder takes pride in its ability to offer leading services, and most importantly in its ability to react post sales even if things may go wrong.

Illuder strives to keep customers satisfied before, during and post sales.

Q What Equipment do you supply?

HiLook Equipment:

Leading CCTV Equipment:
Illuder is the leading importer and distributor of HiLook CCTV Equipment.

HiLook CCTV Equipment is extremely durable and user-friendly allowing users to easily connect and view their cameras from anywhere in the world.

Illuder offers a full 2-year warranty and guarantee on all HiLook Equipment.