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CB Security Solutions offers a full range of personal and corporate protection services to prevent or meet practically every life threatening circumstance one could face. Our international experience makes us the No.1 choice for celebrities, business men and women to plan, escort and protect.

With our international experience in Africa – Sierra Leone, Middle East Baghdad as well as 25 years Law Enforcement and 10 years in the Private Security sector you can be assured that we thoroughly and through experience, understand what it takes to protect our clients both locally and abroad.


To supply a holistic personal protection and security service, effective locally and internationally meeting the highest standards required.

Core Values & Ethics:

We believe in building strong relationships with our clients based on trust and confidentiality as this enables us to be that much more effective and intuitive as to possible breaches in a client’s personal security. As a company we promote a working culture that strengthens us as a team, providing everyone with a foundation they can build on.

  • Integrity – Doing what’s right, no matter the cost…
  • Transparency – Always keeping company with the truth…
  • Tolerance – Appreciating diverse points of view…
  • Promotion – Encouraging excellence and growth in everyone…

Affiliations and Registrations:

  • Company registration No. – 20007/00135907
  • PSIRA registration No. – 14612560
  • We are a Level 2 BBBEE contributor


Q Security Services To Suit Your Specific Requirement/s:

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Q Why Make CB Security Your Security Solutions Provider?

* We keep our fees in line with rates determined by PSIRA.
* We are prepared to lay our life on the line to protect you and your family.
* We are not afraid to apply the necessary amount of force to dissolve a life-threatening situation.
* We are a highly skilled personal protection operation with International experience.
* We offer tailor-made security solutions for all occasions.
* Our client's security requirements are regarded as highly confidential.

Q Our Years Of Specialist Guarding Experience Qualifies Us!

We will tailor security solutions according to your unique circumstance/s.

Q Listed below is a list of our standard security service/s:

Armed Response
CCTV Surveillance
Alarms & Electric Fencing
VIP Protection
International Task Force
Control Room
Polygraph Testing