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Wherz Will Take YOU There!

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Business referrals are becoming more and more essential, as the end users can now search and review for businesses in their areas and comment on their own experience.

We emphasize that businesses can view their business through the eyes of their customer and therefore can consequently better their service to their customers.

At Wherz, we want to make that process as simple as possible by
striving for better customer satisfaction and business growth.

Wherz puts the world at your fingertips. We strive to bring you all your local businesses to you – from hairdressers to handymen to restaurants.

We also give you the opportunity to read reviews of service providers as well as comment on your own experiences.

Wherz will get you there.

Here at Wherz, we want to help you grow your business. From our well-sophisticated web design to regular updates, we want to assist on improving customer relations and to get more customers to your door.

We are here to assist you in catering the site – just for you. Most importantly – we want to help businesses to generate more income and grow their customer base.

With our paid services – we can cater for any business type.

Let us take your business to the next step. 

Here at Wherz, we will keep you updated on the things you are interested in and like in your area. Whatever your interests may be, we will add business listings around our beautiful nation to assist you wherever you may go.

Going on a holiday or taking a business trip, or just want something to do around you – we cater for all individuals and for all scenarios. Updates are done regularly to ensure you can have the experience of a lifetime – no matter where you may go.

Why use Wherz

Who Can Use Wherz?

Wherz was created for any person to use and access. It was designed to search for any service or brand that you might need or require. We want to take the hassle out of getting things done or to get your desired product. The platform was designed for ease of search as well as to spreading local business information with social links. Even businesses can use the site to look for suppliers around South Africa. Wherz is a Business Referral & Networking platform. The platform was designed to function seamlessly on your computer, tablet, and smartphone, so does not matter where you are, you can use Wherz. So sign up today and join the community of business referrals Networking and leave your comments behind.

Why Wherz Will Work For Me?

Why must i use whers

Wherz was designed for your benefit. It is as easy as typing in what you are looking for and there you go. Whenever you are searching on the net for certain services, the paid adds always pop up.  This creates frustration as you cannot always find the best local business for your needs. With the Wherz platform, you can find it in a matter of seconds, it is easy, you type your desired category, service, brand or business, and your search result will show the nearest as well as surrounding service providers around you for that specific category. You can see the business contact information, trading hours, their offered products and services, Coupon giveaways and business events. You can also read other customer reviews about that specific business and leave your own comments in regards to your own experience. You can leave a message for the business to contact you from the built-in lead form. And you can share all this on your social feeds to help a friend in need. As a business, you can use the platform to search for new and exciting products for your own product offering.

What Businesses Are Listed On Wherz?

What business are on wherz

Wherz was created for all business types in mind. No matter how big or small the business is, or for what industry they might cater for, you can see it all on Wherz. Whether you need to search for an online shop, a manufacturer, accommodation or a specialized service – we have it all on Wherz. We strive to bring you the most up to date business referral tool for your own convenience. If you cannot find something you are looking for –  just ask us and we will gladly assist you. Our Wherz team is here to support and help with whatever your needs might be.

Why Must I Submit My Business?

Why must i submit my business

Advertising became extremely expensive and free services are only free for a certain period or for limited offerings. But at Wherz – let us do the dirty work for you. From our month to month or annual billing options, we created one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms in South Africa. With the function of keywords that you select, your customers can search for your business easily. Let us say that for example, you are an automotive fitment center and offer SMASH & GRAB as a product, YOU add those as a keyword. When a customer searches for smash and grab in your local area, your fitment center will be listed. We want to get the customer that is looking for your product, service or a brand to find you. There is no need not to try us out. So add your listing today and get more customers to your doorstep.