Who We Are...

Why advertise & grow your business with us?

  • We ensure we highlight your business online.
  • We provide your customers with regular updates.
  • We go the extra mile…

WHERZ is an affordable way to advertise & promote your business locally & nationally.

Here at Wherz, we want to help you grow your business.

From: Website Development to Social Media Accounts, we want to assist in improving customer relations to get more customers to your door.

Most importantly – we want to help businesses to generate more income and grow their customer base.

We Create Unique Content That Can Help Your Business Grow

websites we have build

From a 1 Pager to a fully customized E-Commerce Website. With our cost-effective ways of building your Website, we can have your online presence up and running in no time!

Website Development:


  • Word search.
  • System management updates.
  • Website weekly updates.
  • Changes will be done weekly.
  • Specials and events to be updated as provided. (Please ensure we have information 72 Hours prior to the event)

Social Media Marketing:

Social Media is the top brand builder for any business.

We offer a wide range of services on all major social media platforms:

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, E-mail Marketing etc.

Social Media is a brand awareness and brand building tool for any business.

Can you get your conversion rate up?

Let us help to build your brand!

Grow your audience today with us!


Video Marketing has become the NEW Trend…

It is becoming more difficult, as you only have a few seconds to capture your client’s attention.

But it’s not only the “PROFESSIONAL” videos that attract attention anymore… The simplest of videos with some editing, and you have a powerful message!

Let us help you with your requirement/s. And get your customer attention 60 000 times faster!


Google is one of the most powerful direct Target Marketing Tool!

We do Google AdWords for various companies, and we can give you a detailed “analytics report” on what works and what does not. We check and analyse top-performing Keywords. We can give you SEO scores and check what words to use for your budget. We check your opposition’s top keywords and work out a strategy around high ranking keyword/s, for a lower cost.




setup for "VICTORY"!

We Maintain Your Social Presences!

Need to improve your businesses visibility you need to talk to us.

We do photography & video for whatever you may need, we also do explainer videos and animation.

* Company Profile Videos
* Testimonial Videos
* Special Events
* Facebook Headers
* Weddings
* Birthdays
* Animation and more.

Online Marketing Specialists

Rise To The Top & Increase Sales

Wherz is here to help any individual with the mammoth task of getting an online presence with the following assistance:

  • Website Development – We build fully responsive Websites.
  • Social Media – Top brand awareness for any business. We have a variety of packages on all major Social Media Platforms.
  • Google AdWords – One of the most powerful target marketing tools.
  • Video Marketing – Has become a new trend…
  • Content Creation – Keep your content Fresh!

The term “Online Presence” has meant many things over the years. Years ago, setting up your website meant you had an online presence. It was good enough to have a pleasant looking homepage, smart navigation, pretty images and good content. No longer is this sufficient. That’s not to say that all those elements of your website are not important. They are. But, there are so many other things involved in the process today…

I am sure you have heard that your website is your home base, or headquarters that invites visitors in and directs them to their destination. Your website is the place that needs your initial, constant and primary attention. When visitors get to your website, they expect to recognize where they are, and that it is the place they intended to visit.

So, how many Content Marketing avenues are there? Everywhere you look there is someone that created some sort of content. But in this Busy world, Content Marketing is getting harder to try and outsmart your competition. You need to keep your customer’s feelings in consideration, make new stuff, film this, film that, post a MEME… And who has time to do all this?

Well Wherz has the time to create your Content for you, from a Happy New Year post, to an intensified Marketing researched campaign. We have the team that can assist you with these obstacles.

The Team Behind Our Success

Jorge Gracio

Sales Director

Lizzy Brits

Office Manager

Jacques Louw

Creative Director

The team behind Wherz believes everyone deserves to have a taste of healthier business options made of quality. We love working with customers who want the same!

Our company consists of 3 main friends who are passionate about targeting sales, development, creation and putting clients first!

Mr. Louw (Co-Owner) decided to start up this company to satisfy Business Platform requirements with unique and dynamic ways that do not break the bank!

Mr. Louw – Focuses on: Enabling high skilled development to launch exceptional Websites.

Mr. Gracio (Co-Owner) – Vision & Goal – Everything he does, is driven by his passion & in obtaining your desire of the vision for your company.

Ms. Brits – Start to end service provider, with the exceptional touch to each client account, with a focus on quality and long term business success.