In today’s consumer driven world, information is key. VehicleFacts has been established to provide consumers and dealers with live market related information pertaining to the vehicle that they are selling or buying. The traditional “book” value of the vehicle has generally been the accepted retail value for a vehicle, however, the true value of the vehicle is determined by the prevailing market conditions at the time of sale. These live market values therefore become the most relevant value for the vehicle.

VehicleFacts further minimises the risk to Dealerships trading in cloned or stolen vehicles by enabling them to validate the original identity of the vehicle being traded. In depth training gives the Dealership the ability to remove microdots on the vehicle and conduct a physical check against VIN details before trade in is accepted.

VehicleFacts in conjunction with their partners is able to provide consumers and dealers with real market related data, through the use of analytics.

Q Professional:

We are committed to ensuring any personal information is kept confidential in accordance with applicable laws.

Q Secure:

We help make informed decisions by providing secure live market information pertaining to the vehicle you are buying or selling.

Q Protection:

We provide confirmation through microdots that you not buying or selling a cloned/stolen vehicle.

Q What is a Microdot?

Microdots are polyester particles 1 mm or 0.5 mm in diameter and are literally the size of a pin head. They contain a unique PIN number which provides your vehicle with its own unique “DNA”. It is virtually impossible to remove all the microdots that are applied to the vehicle.

Q Why are vehicles fitted with Microdots?

In terms of the National Road Traffic Act 93 of 1996, all vehicles manufactured or imported since September 2012 must be fitted with at least 10 000 microdots. Vehicles requiring police clearance are also required to be micro-dotted since September 2012 as per the above legislation.

Q What is the significance of the Second-Hand Goods Act in relation to microdots?

The Second-Hand Goods Act requires the recording of microdot information on a Second-Hand Goods register by a dealer when trading in used vehicles to ensure that the vehicle being traded is the true vehicle and not a cloned and/or stolen vehicle. This is to protect the dealer from trading in cloned and stolen vehicles.

The Second-Hand Goods Act states that: A motor vehicle dealer “dealing in second-hand motor vehicles must also record in the prescribed register the particulars regarding every acquisition or disposal of a motor vehicle”. The particulars are to “include any distinguishing mark or feature, such as microdot particulars.”

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